Welcome to Your New Retriever Net!
Hi there! By now you've probably noticed that Retriever Net has a brand new face. We hope that you'll find that this redesign brings not only a fresh look, but also better access to today’s UMBC by linking you directly to events on campus, news from faculty and students, and more. You’ll also continue to find the information you need about alumni events, discounts and other benefits of being a graduate of UMBC. 

Key Features
With this redesign, we're able to offer a number of new and exciting features, as well as keeping those old favorites. Be sure to check out:
  • Class Notes
  • Alumni Directory
  • Single sign on between Retriever Net and myUMBC, the campus portal
Getting Started: Your Retriever Net Account
A key component to the redesign is a new, faster means of logging on to the website. Now, not only will you get the most out of Retriever Net, you’ll also be able to log on to myUMBC, the campus portal, which will give you access to:
  • Membership in myUMBC special interest groups
  • A comprehensive directory of campus services
  • Vibrant community-based news, videos, events, discussions and groups
Logging on to Retriever Net and myUMBC will be easy. If you had access to myUMBC as a student, you will use the same login and password you used as a student to log on to myUMBC and Retriever Net as an alum. And don’t worry – if you forgot it, you can easily re-set it! If you never had a myUMBC account, you’ll simply visit the account creation page, verify your status as an alum, and get automatic access to both systems. Check out our full instructions on the account creation and log in process.

Privacy Policy
As always, we remain dedicated to keeping your information secure. Please check out our privacy policy for more details.